GenesisPlus Laser

Genesis Plus, a new laser procedure for treating toenail fungus without the downtime, risk of medication, or repetitive treatments associated with today's other alternatives, is now available at the foot clinic.

"There is no other laser like has multiple applications for toenail fungus, scars and warts" said Ilan Bazak. With integrated temperature display LEDs, GenesisPlus gives you the feedback you need for maximum clinical results.

How it works

  • During the fast, 30 minute procedure, pulses of light are gently delivered to the epidermis and nail plate.
  • The laser simultaneously sends heat to the deeper layers of nail to kill the fungus.
  • The treated nail and skin will look and feel slightly sunburned.
  • On the third or fourth month, the new nail growth will exhibit a healthy, thinner plate.

    The GenesisPlus laser, made by Cutera, Inc., is FDA-cleared for the treatment of nail fungus as of April 7, 2011.

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